BDBA Selection Policy


1        Introduction

This policy covers Aims, Selection Committee Principles, Player Selection Criteria and Operations. The policy relates specifically to the District’s selectors [in both Mens and Ladies Sections] and all players in the District. The policy applies from the date of its approval by the District Management Committee.


2        Aims

Selection in a District side is one of many ways of advancing the game of bowls. The continuous improvement of players and teams is one way of achieving this advancement. The selectors and coaches will work collaboratively to achieve these aims.

3        Selection Committee Principles

Selection committee members have the flexibility to examine whatever information they believe is relevant to make their decisions. Each member evaluates the information at hand, and then the individuals will vote to produce a group decision.

The criteria to be a BDBA Selector includes; Respect for the Policy, Independence, Knowledge, Respect for Players, Diligence and Efficiency, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency and Fairness.

4        Player Selection Criteria

A player’s selection in a team will be based on;

(a)        a player meeting all criteria and then,

(b)       the prioritisation of players who meet the player requirements for a game or an event

In order to be eligible for selection a player is expected to meet each of the following criteria. The criteria only operate in relation to the game of bowls. The criteria are of equal weighting and players will be assessed as ‘exceeding’, ‘satisfying’ or ‘not satisfying’ each criteria -

1.Compatability:Demonstrated capacity to operate as a team member.

2.Attitude:Willingness to play and do what is in the best interests of the team under all circumstances.

3.Dress:Neat, clean and tidy at all times.

4.Etiquette:To comply with the laws and the spirit of the game.

5.Ability:Demonstrated achievements in (a) particular positions (b) competitions (c) drills and set practice routines.

6.Commitment:To be clear about availability for games, events and training & to follow through with all commitments.

7.Behaviour:To comply with the Code of Conduct at all times

8.Ambition:To display a commitment to improvement and achievement.

When there are more players who exceed or meet the criteria for selection for a game or event, the selectors will prioritise the available player list to select the players in that team.

In so doing, the selectors will take into account team balance, player ability in a particular position, attendance at trials / practice sessions and past performance at District organized events.

5        Operations

The selectors are responsible for the ongoing implementation and review of this policy as needed. The selectors will use this policy prior to and during games or events.

Players are expected to meet the criteria at all times - before, during and after games or events. Players are encouraged to speak to selectors if they are concerned about a particular selection decision/s.


Document Reference:  Version 1/2016            Approved:  Date June 2016                Published:  Date June 2016                 Page 1 of 1