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As a consequence of declining membership, and a continued trading loss, prompted The Clayfield Bowls Club to sell their premises and enter into an arrangement with the Kalinga Bowls Club which they hoped would ensure the clubs future survival.

Unfortunately this enterprise did not attain the required results.  The Management then formulated a four clause proposal which was presented to their members for consideration.
One of the clauses specified the possible merger with the Wavell Heights Bowls Club.


The members approved and in the January of 2012 initial discussion commenced with The Wavell Heights Bowls Club.

Both clubs agreed a merger would ensure their future survival so conditions were formulated for presentation to the respective members.

In April 2012 both clubs members at special general meetings voted unanimously to continue proceedings.

A primary consideration of the merger was a new club would be formed with a new name.

To comply with the government act on club mergers an Interim Officers Committee (consisting of 6 members from each club) was established.

It was their function to attend to all the legal aspects, attend to the day to day operations of the club and act as a caretaker government until the Annual General Meeting.


From many and varied suggestions received, the I.O.C. determined the name of the new club would be The Northern Suburbs Bowls Club Inc. with the club colours of Maroon, light blue and gold on a white background. In October 2012 The Office of Fair Trading approved the merger and the club name.  The first A.G.M. of the club held on the 24th February 2013 and all positions were filled.  On the 1st June 2013 the club held their Foundation Day celebrations to introduce the new club to the bowls world in general.

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Northern Suburbs Bowls Club
175 Edinburgh Castle Road
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