Coaching Reaccreditation

Coaches who are applying for re-accreditation need to fill out the form available from the following address and send to BQ.



1. Contact the Brisbane District Coaching Committee (BDCC) on 6 months before reaccreditation is due.

2. Check that you have met the re-accreditation requirements.


A Regular practical coaching component e.g. practical coaching - Introductory 15 hours per year, Club 50 hours per year – all coaches should be actively practising their craft. They are required to keep a log of regular coaching, recommended to be 60 hours/4 years - for Introductory Coaches and 200 hours/4 years - for Club Coaches. The log can be in the form of a notebook, excel spreadsheet or any other means of demonstrating 60 hours of practical coaching. This must be available at time of re-accreditation and shown to the coach’s nominated club (see point two). 

B Current and competent letter’ from their nominated club – All coaches are required to have their club president/secretary verify their competency and hours of active coaching. In signing this letter, the club is endorsing that:
a) the re-accreditation candidate has been actively coaching (and they have seen the log detailing the hours); and
b) the club is satisfied with the performance of the coach and is happy for that coach to continue. (
If the club does not value the services of the coach, they are free to decline signing the ‘current and competent letter’)

C View online videos on Bowls Australia website –

BA has designed/sourced several short videos which will be updated from time to time in accordance with relevant industry standards and legislation changes. While it is impossible to ‘force’ a coach to view videos (the same as it is impossible to force a coach to listen to the presenter during a course), we will keep the videos interesting, valuable and relevant to current coaching needs.
Each participant will be able to view coaching videos available online via the STA/BA websites. A small library of these DVD’s will be provided to each STA for those candidates that are unable to view video’s online. They will (as part of their re-accreditation process) be asked to tick the appropriate box on the re-accreditation form to show they have viewed and understood the videos. We will have a range of coaching videos online which will jointly form the personal development component of re-accreditation.

3 Download reaccreditation information and application form from the coaching page on the BQ website.

3.1 Introductory Coach Reaccreditation Application


3.2Club Coach Reaccreditation Application


4. Submit application form to Bowls Queensland