Training - to be a better bowler!

BDBA has a comprehensive approach to support player improvement. Please speak to the District Coach.  Read the attached Training Manual to get some good ideas about improving your bowls. 

Read the attached HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM for going from 'good to great'!!!!!!

See what improvements you can make to your game - try the training drills  attached below. There are drills from the District Coaching Team [draw and weighted shots] and Drills from Bowls Australia.

The drills attached below named BDBA Drills V1.2 are specifically for Districts Players to complete in line with the coach's instructions.

Training Manual  

High Performance Training

Draw Drills

Weighted Shot Drills

Bowls Australia Skill Training

Bowls Australia Skill Training 2

District Player Drills  ( BDBA Drills V1.2)

Reading the Head - Scenarios