Bowls Qld / Bowls Aust / District Fees

To: BQ Board, District and Club Secretaries
From: Brett Wilkie, CEO
Date: 30 September 2020
Re: 2021 Club Affiliation Fees Ref: 20018

Club affiliation fees for full, club life and juniors have now been set and approved by the Bowls Queensland Council and are effective for the period 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021.

There is no change in 2021 to the affiliation fees which were charged in 2020.

Full members, club life members 42.00.  GST - 4.20  Total - $46.20

Junior members:  27.27.  GST 2.73.  Total - $30.00

Bowls Australia:  15.45.  GST 1.55.  Total Bowls Australia - $17.00

Attached is the Memo regarding the pro-rata club affiliation fee schedules for 2021 for both Bowls Qld and Bowls Australia as these will be charged on a quarterly basis.

Also, please note an administration fee of $12.50 is applicable to all new and interstate transfer members as per Bowls Queensland By-law 8.1 (this does not apply to Junior members).

Brett Wilkie

##  BDBA Affiliation Fees for 2021

District fee is $18

Pro rata:  January - March   $18;  April-June   $13.50;  July-September    $ 9.00;  October-December $4.50.