Code of Conduct


This code sets out the expectations that apply to all officials and players who are representing the District. It applies only to their representation of the District.


2                     2.Expectations

Any official or player representing the District is expected to completely comply with all of the following expectations -


2.1    Objects of the Association

     To be a full financial member of a bowls club in the Brisbane District and to meet all of the ongoing expectations of that membership.

     To uphold the objects of the District Association, namely to

o   To advance and promote the game of Bowls;

o   To promote and develop activities which are from time to time deemed appropriate to provide good fellowship between Members of the Clubs within the Association;

o   To promote and enhance the game of Bowls in the local community.


2.2    Teamwork

     To comply with reasonable requests from the BDBA official/s responsible for an event

     To support and develop teamwork amongst the officials and players involved


2.3    Commitments

     For players, to always meet the criteria set out in the District’s Selection Policy and to operate in accordance with the laws of bowls related to player commitments.

     For all, to make your availability well known and to follow through with all commitments.


2.4    Travel

     To ensure that all commitments in regard to transport and accommodation [which has been arranged by the District] are met and to comply fully with the standards of behaviour specifically relevant to that transport and accommodation.

     To operate in the best interests of the whole team whilst away and to be fully prepared and available to represent the District for each day of the event or activity.


2.5    Alcohol & Drugs

     Conform to Bowls Australia’s Anti-Doping Policies as set out in the ASADA National Anti- Doping Scheme.

     Not to consume alcohol to a level that could impede personal or team performance at any time before, during or after an event.


2.6    District Property

     To protect all clothing, equipment and other District assets allocated to your care

     To return all clothing, equipment and other District assets in as good a condition as they were provided.




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