BDBA Ladies District Sides.

2021 State District Sides Championships - BDBA Ladies



At Belmont & Manly Bowls Clubs, Brisbane 

Player Information: 

The State District Sides competition will be held at locations in the Gateway District from  Wednesday the 28th April to Saturday the 1st May 2021. This year the Ladies Teams will play  initially at Belmont & Manly Bowls Clubs and then at a venue to be advised for the Finals on the  Saturday. Accommodation has been arranged by the District at Wynnum. 

All players to be dressed in the District Playing Uniform, which is to be neat and tidy at all times.  Players are to wear white pants, shorts, skorts or skirts along with a Red/White Hat or Red/White  Cap and the District will provide Shirts & Stickers. 

Game Information: 

20 Districts from all over Queensland compete against each other in two Sections for the first 3  days. After the completion of Round 9 Districts will be advised of the playing venue for the Finals  on the Saturday. Each Round will consist of 18 Ends with a 2hr 20min Time Limit. Each Day: Morning Tea – 8.15am 

Round 1: 8.50am Lunch: 11.15 – ll.55am Round 2: 12pm Round 3: 2.45pm After the Finals on the Saturday all Districts are to remain at their respective Clubs for the  Presentations. 

Teams Lead           Second                      Third                         Skip  

Julie Donaldson    Patsy Saunders    Leigh Fortington       CHRIS BAXTER

Pauline Laverty    Chris Russell           Pat Hobon                 NATASHA JONES 

Leigh Rayward      Pam Salway            Sue O’Toole               WENDY WILSON 

Manager/Reserves:Anne Barnes, Marie Webber